As the company’s founder has been fond of shooting sport for many years and even been part of the Turkish National Shooting Team for 18 times, Target A.S. started by being representatives for some European companies that manufactures air-rifles and guns. For over the past quarter century, the number of the Shooting Industry Companies which is represented by Target increased continually, to the extent of including some of the best of these in the world.

With a struggle that started more than 25 years ago, Target pioneered a law that separates air-guns from firearms, and thus allowing the import of air-rifles and guns without restrictions.

Target -knowing the restrictions on firearms for training- used the new law to help spreading the usage of air-rifles and guns for training in Turkish Armed Forces and Police Force. By using the air-rifles and guns, authorities had been able to do more cost-efficient trainings and weren’t dependant on the small amount of shooting fields.

Target A.S. closely observes all new developments in the shooting industry and owns a variety of laser training systems that can be used by all levels of shooters, from beginner to sniper.

For over a quarter century, Target A.S. has been preferred for rifles, handguns, ammunition, along with simulation and training systems, shooting accessories and providing quality service.

For thousands of shooting enthusiasts, the name Target is identified with the shooting sport within the Turkish Armed Forces and Police Force.