We started on our journey in 1975 in order to provide modern and advanced technologies to our country, and we are continuing to move forward along this line.

TARGET is one of the pioneers in the Turkish defense industry, and over the course of time, we have grown our business to include 40 local and foreign companies, providing a wide range of solutions with the latest products and technologies, along with offering reliable services.

In addition to providing consulting services for the companies we work with, our operations in the defense industry include meeting the requirements of every stage necessary to make and integrate finished products for military use, from supplying raw materials, and bringing in the most recent technologies, to designing and manufacturing the products, systems, and hardware.

Over the past half century, TARGET has grown into a group of companies with 50 employees and over 1000 m2 of office space.  In addition to our engineering capacities and manufacturing and R&D infrastructures, we have operations in the energy industry and construct turnkey indoors and outdoors shooting ranges.