As a company that introduced the latest innovations and technologies to Turkey, based on a reliable service policy, and in cooperation with leading business partners around the world, TARGET engages in activities in the following fields:

  • Embedded Systems,
  • Test and Simulation Systems,
  • Electro-Optical Solutions,
  • Sniper Equipment,
  • Auxiliary Equipment.


The QUALITY REQUIREMENTS of end users have compelled the defense companies operating in the sector to increase their test and simulation capabilities. TARGET meets the requirements of its customers for motion simulators and infrared testing infrastructure and for quality, by offering the products and services of its solution partners.


Furthermore, it has made a distinguished name for itself in the industry, based on its engineering labs and facilities in the Group, its most advanced databus applications, military computers, servers, and varies board level and recorder solutions.


TARGET has become a desirable SOLUTION PARTNER for end users in projects for the design and production of thermal, night vision and laser devices used in different fields such as defense, industry and transportation by providing prompt support using the solutions of leading companies.


TARGET offers all imported and NATIONAL BRAND solutions for sniper rifles, ammunition and also other solutions necessary for marksmanship, through local and international means.


Having indoor, outdoor and interactive shooting ranges at various distances fully equipped with the latest technology products. Now, TARGET is known to be a contractor that is preferred in both the national and many different EXPORT markets.


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