Ammunition Feed Systems Centrifugal Dryers

Nobles Wordwide

  • Ammunition Feed Systems
  • Ammunition Feed Chutes

Nobles offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable ammunition feed systems and centrifugal dryers for USA and its allies since 1947. Preferred by global, elite fighting forces, its ammunition feed systems protect and save lives as well as extend product life and deliver greater value.

BMDR (Ballistics Missile Defense Radars) SR (Surveillance Radars) ADR (Air Dominance Radars) ATNAVICS

Raytheon Radar

  • SSR – Secondary Surveillance Radar
  • PSR – Primary Surveillance Radar
  • ASR – Air Surveillance Radar
  • ATR – Air Trafic Radar

Raytheon Radar, a subsidiary of Raytheon, is a manufacturer of military and commercial radar that can be used on various platforms.


  • Bore cleaning foam
  • All-size barrel cleaning foam

Milfoam provides a complete barrel cleaning system for all kind of firearms. Milfoam Ltd. products have been supplied to the Finnish Defence Forces and many other end users worldwide.